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Stakeholders Analysis template made for Notion:

A tool for managing and understanding the key players involved in your projects or endeavors. This template is designed to streamline the process of Stakeholders identification, analysis, and management, enabling you to make informed decisions and cultivate meaningful relationships.

This template has four sections oriented to this key features:

  • Theory and Guidance: Delve into the theory of Stakeholders analysis with clear explanations on its significance. Learn how to effectively identify stakeholders using a powerful checklist and understand the step-by-step process of conducting a successful analysis.

  • Analysis Workspace: Capture vital Stakeholders information in one centralized space. Input basic data and employ intuitive matrices to visually prioritize Stakeholders details for better insights.

  • Action Planning: Seamlessly transition from analysis to action. Define and track actionable tasks with assigned responsibilities, due dates, and priority levels. This section empowers you to proactively manage stakeholder engagement and keep your initiatives on track.

  • Decision-Oriented Dashboard: Elevate your decision-making process with a comprehensive dashboard with information about your Stakeholders by Project, Pending Actions and Last Updates of your analysis.

What is inside?

This template made for Notion has:

  • Four sections: Theory, Analysis, Actions and Dashboard.

  • Two databases.

  • More than 15 views.

  • Formulas to automate your work, and

  • One action button to archive your action plans.

This template can be customized to your requirements, this is the beauty of Notion. If you don't know how to do that I can help you, contact me to talk about the next steps.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or doubts about the product. I am happy to help you 😉

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