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A Notion template created to keep your career on track.

Crafted with an intuitive interface, this Career History Record Template allows you to seamlessly chronicle your employment history. Effortlessly add details such as job titles, responsibilities, key achievements, and learning records.

What will you be able to do with this template?

  • You will enter your job duties and skills developed.

  • You will enter your career role changes.

  • You will enter your projects: their outcomes, your role in them, main project topics and you will relate them with your job positions.

  • You will register your education.

  • You will register your training activities and relate them to your job positions.

  • You will register the languages you speak and the level you have.

What is inside?

The template has seven sections:

  • What am I doing right now?

  • Job experience

  • Projects

  • Education

  • Languages

  • Certifications

  • Career training records.

In total you will have 5 databases and 15 views to collect your career history, I also created some dummy data to show you the template’s functionalities, that you can erase easily.

You can customize your template to add or remove properties to fulfill your needs.

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