Reflection Lists for Projects Definition Guide [Free ⭐]


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This guide is designed to help you identify project's purpose, available options, people involved, and tasks to be done, directing you to get the expected outcomes.

Reflection Lists for Projects Definition.

A guide created in Notion to help you with your project’s definition.

Stop spending hours thinking about how to start your project definition. Don’t matter if your project is small or big, if it is a one-person project or a team effort. These lists will help you to create your own brainstorming and clarify your mind.

Why did I create this guide?

I have seen a lot of templates to manage projects in Notion and based on my experience, when I was about to start a project, I needed to write down my ideas to focus and clarify myself. Since I saw these questions in a Gordon Webster book years ago (referenced inside this Notion guide), I thought that it would be worth sharing them putting a little touch of my experience and also introducing some concepts from project management tendencies.

It is important to say that this guide doesn’t cover other stages related to project management. It is a tool that helped me in the past with a lot of project definitions and I think that sometimes it is easier to answer questions that you did not create (in my opinion this practice leads you to think in other questions and the process gets better and better).

What is inside?

You will find a Notion page with more than 30 questions related to: Context, Alternatives, People, and Process to elaborate your project definition. Those questions are “things to reflect about” so, maybe you don’t have an answer at the very beginning of the project, but you probably put some on your radar and they will help you when things are clearer.

The lists are located inside toggles in four sections:

  • Why? To will help you to Uncover the Significance - Explore the profound "why" behind your project. Reflect on its importance, the problems it aims to solve, and the potential impact it can have. Gain clarity on the value and purpose of your project, providing a strong foundation for success.

  • What? Related to Exploring the Alternatives - Dive into the realm of possibilities. Evaluate different options, approaches, and strategies for your project. Consider various paths, methods, and solutions.

  • Who? To help you Identify and Engage the People Involved - Recognize the key players involved in your project. Reflect on the team, customers, and stakeholders, their roles, interests, and expectations. Consider their contributions, collaborations, and potential challenges.

  • How? A guide to Crafting the Execution - Outline a plan for executing your project. Reflect on the process, tasks, and milestones. Consider the required resources, budget, and potential risks.

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