Team Development Members 2.0


Are you a team leader striving to unlock the true potential 🔥 of your team members?

Imagine a tool 🔧 that allows you to guide the development of your team's skills, enabling them to reach new heights of excellence and helping you to participate in their journey.

Team Members Development.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Situational Leadership II® model by Ken Blanchard, this powerful Notion solution considers its proven concepts and converted them into an accessible and applicable tool for small and medium-sized companies and teams. As someone who has personally experienced the transformative power of this approach, I've channeled my expertise and insights into creating this Notion tool—designed to help you with your team’s members efforts to evolve.

Which is my experience in this field?

I am a professional in the Quality Management and Continuous Improvement fields, and I have more than 30 years of experience managing teams, directly or indirectly.

In 2008, I had the opportunity to get training in Ken Blanchard Leadership tools, especially in team development strategies. At that time, I had read a lot of Ken Blanchard’s books, but having a first-hand experience with those amazing sets of training courses and workshops related to team management was an enriching experience for my team’s management mindset.

What actions will you be able to do with this Notion Solution?

With this Notion tool for Team Members Development, you will have a dynamic platform to:

  1. Document Development Goals: Write down and track your team members' development goals related to specific tasks, ensuring clarity, focus, and alignment.

  2. Assess Maturity Levels: Gauge the maturity of your team members in relation to performing specific tasks in terms of their capability and motivation. Gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to tailor your guidance effectively.

  3. Manage Action Plans: Efficiently organize and manage action plans for your team members. Keep tasks, deadlines, and milestones in one centralized location, promoting collaboration and accountability.

  4. Visualize Progress and Results: Gain a holistic view of the entire development cycle. Easily track progress, measure results, and celebrate achievements, all within the intuitive and flexible interface of Notion.

By embracing this Team Members Development tool in Notion, you will discover a world of possibilities to foster your team's growth, collaboration, and success. Imagine the impact on productivity, engagement, and overall team dynamics as you cultivate a culture of continuous improvement 🔄.

What is inside?

  • Six (6) structured sections:

    • Team Information

    • Goals Definition

    • Maturity Level Diagnosis

    • Maturity Grid

    • Development Plans

    • Process Dashboard

  • An explanation of maturity levels adapted from the original model.

  • An explanation of the whole process, and guides for every section.

  • Every database has page templates by default. Templates go from design features to complete workflows to help you with the process.

    • Team Member Template that encompases the information related to: Goals Definition, Maturity Level Diagnosis and Action Plans.

    • Goal Definition with the Maturity Level associated.

    • Maturity Level Diagnosis with helpful checklists to help you on your assessment.

    • Action Plans with the associated tasks to achieve the Goal defined, and their related Results Review database view. It also includes a guide with the Leadership Style suggested to each Maturity Level.

  • More than twenty (+20) views.

  • Buttons that help you save time on frequent tasks during the process execution.

To take advantage of this Notion solution you need to:

  • Have basic experience leading teams.

  • Have basic knowledge of how to use Notion, if you do not have it I can help you, please contact me [email protected] and we can talk about the main Notion features.

Some important messages for you:

  • This tool is meant to be used by an individual, please don't share the link when you purchase it. Building it implied a lot of work.

  • This tool can be customized to your requirements, this is the beauty of Notion. If you don't know how to do that I can help you, contact me to talk about the next steps.

  • Because of the nature of this product (instant download), the tool cannot be returned or exchanged as you immediately get access to the file as soon as you purchase it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or doubts about the product. I am happy to help you 😉

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