Audit Programs Management


Audit Programs Management.

If you are:

  • a Professional who works in the Quality Management area in a big company, but you do not have a specific tool to manage your Audit Programs,

  • an owner of a medium or small company who needs to demonstrate compliance with some management system requirements standards and must perform audits,

  • a Professional who runs a consultant firm to perform audits of this kind: Quality, Suppliers, Environmental, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, and Operational Excellence (OPEX),

  • a Freelance Auditor who performs audits (in the fields mentioned above) for a variety of clients,

This Notion System is for you!

Which is my experience in this field?

I am a professional in the Quality Management and Continuous Improvement fields, having been certified as Quality Manager (DGQ), Quality Engineer (ASQ), and Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ). Most of my experience is in Manufacturing, but I have worked in Service areas too.

One of my duties in my former job was to manage two audit programs, one for Process Technical Audits and another for Quality Assurance Systems Audits, for eight facilities in total. My big pain was that the information was scattered among at least three different tools, and I had a lot of work to do when my boss or any of the facilities responsible needed to know something about any stage of the process.

Using my experience, I have designed this Notion System to help you to manage your audits program or more than one. It is perfect if you have more than one location.

What actions will you be able to do with this Notion System?

With this System, you'll unlock a world of possibilities:

  • Effortless Budget Preparation: Seamlessly prepare budgets for each client or facility you need to audit. Keep track of expenses and allocate resources with ease.

  • Streamlined Audit Program Creation: Prepare one or more audit programs for clients or facilities, effortlessly assigning budgets and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

  • Versatility for Various Requirement Systems: Manage program audits for different requirement systems, such as Environmental, Quality, Suppliers, and more. Stay compliant across multiple domains effortlessly.

  • Efficient Audit Planning: Plan and schedule audits, ensuring clarity and structure in your audit calendar. Assign them to specific programs.

  • Enhanced Audit Visibility: Get a clear view of your audit calendar and lead auditors' schedules.

  • Simple Updates: Stay up-to-date with upcoming audits, view deadlines for submitting audit plans, record completion dates and expenses, and check the status of your audits at any time.

  • Progress Monitoring and Efficiency Metrics: Track your program's progress, measure budget planning efficiency versus execution, and control your audit's budget.

  • Centralized Archive: Keep all completed programs and audits neatly archived in one centralized location. Easily access past records and historical data whenever needed.

Additionally, this system empowers you to take your audits program management to the next level. Here's what else you'll be able to do:

  • Identify and Mitigate Risks: Easily identify and assess the risks associated with your audit programs. Take proactive measures by defining actions to effectively manage and mitigate those risks, ensuring a smooth and successful audit process.

  • Capture Lessons Learned: Learn from your experiences and continuously improve your audit programs. This system allows you to capture valuable lessons learned throughout the process, enabling you to refine your strategies and enhance future audits.

  • Effortlessly Manage Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA’s): If your client or facility responsible requests to follow up on CAPA’s, this system provides you with a dedicated section to track pending actions and offers helpful reminders. You can also archive completed CAPA's, maintaining a comprehensive record for future reference.

What is inside?

This system has:

  • Three modules (3) corresponding to:

    • Processes, with four sections to:

      • Master Data Management

      • Audits Program Preparation

      • Individual Audits Planning

      • Individual Audits Execution

    • Performance Visualization, with four sections where you can check your performance related to:

      • Program Progress

      • Program’s Budget in Planning and Execution

      • Audits Execution

      • Audit’s Budget in Execution

    • Support Processes, with three sections:

      • Risk Management for Audits Program with an Impact - Probability Matrix.

      • Lessons Learned for Audits Program

      • CAPAs follow-up to apply when your client wants help in closing the audits cycle.

  • Nine (9) databases.

  • More than forty five (+45) views.

  • One complete guide page with an easy-to-follow flowchart, and a databases relation diagram that provides a visual representation of how different databases within the system are interconnected.

  • Automated tasks using buttons and formulas.

  • Checklists to help you with your follow-up process of an audit stages execution and a risk identification list.

  • Navigation features.

To take advantage of this Notion System you need to:

  • Have good knowledge of Audits Process Management.

  • Have basic to good knowledge of how to use Notion.

If you need help in both cases I can help you, please contact me at [email protected]


This Notion Solution does not include specific requirements related to the Systems used as examples. If you want to attach your own requirements to a program, there is a property called to do this in the Audit Programs Preparation section.

Some important messages for you:

  • This system is meant to be used by an individual, please don't share the link when you purchase it. Building this system implied a lot of work.

  • This system can be customized to your requirements, this is the beauty of Notion. If you don't know how to do that I can help you, contact me to talk about the next steps.

  • Because of the nature of this product (instant download), the system cannot be returned or exchanged as you immediately get access to the file as soon as you purchase it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or doubts about the product. I am happy to help you 😉

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